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Eastenders lesbian kiss

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Here in the UK we have a proud tradition of pre-watershed gay loving. Tumblr sexy cute girls. Eastenders i thought Tina was a Lesbian not Bi? Pardoning Turing is a gesture, he's dead. Eastenders lesbian kiss. And to push the boundaries a little further — and add dramatic tension — they have decided the new gay character will be part of the square's resident criminal family, the Mitchells.

They do regular boring dares until suddenly Louise says something which shocks Bex. I think it would be unwise to try and assess why the number of recorded complaints has changed from 10 to For fuck sake Eastenders! Gays are the new group that is in fashion to hate now that it has become too unpopular to hate blacks.

This reaction only sought to increase Della's trepdidation about living as a lesbian and she started denying the rumours; claiming that she'd never slept with a woman before in her life. Inbisexual actress Pam St. In times of recession and uncertain economies, you get extremist political divisions. Della had been in Walford for a few months before Binnie's arrival, and in this time she'd sparked up a close, flirtatious relationship with the barman, Steve Elliot Steve Elliot.

Binnie arrives in Albert Square in June To regular fans it will come no surprise, as Ben was a source of constant disappointment to his dad, eschewing pastimes like football and boxing for dancing and West End musicals as a young child.

She regularly pressurises her to 'come out' to her mother and generally bosses her around making demands, which often causes blazing rows between them. Joke Although fuck Soap drama's Who cares what these people think? Their story eventually had a happy ending when the couple left for Spain together, and in their final episode Della even came out to her mother, who was surprisingly supportive of her.

Eastenders lesbian kiss

Louise begins to lick Stacey's juices off of her best friend's face whilst running her hands down her beautiful body. Amy acker nude pics. From tothe show addressed lesbian sexuality for the first time with Della and Binnie Michelle Joseph and Sophie Langhaman interracial couple struggling with homophobia in Albert Square.

Wait they showed what and what before 10pm? The latest storyline is also a perfect foundation for years of dramatic conflict. Games Movies TV Wikis. I know there are only handfuls of complaints out of the millions who watch EastEnders, but if those who protest are part of the so-called silent majority, they're clearly not silent enough.

The last gay kiss on that soap Coronation Street only received 10 complaints, She'd be stood at her window with a note pad in hand jotting down all the times we played football and you know did what kids do In Binnie and Della decide that they have had enough of Walford and they decide to make a new start of things in Ibiza. Accoriding to my mum who watches it, it's because it was before the half 9 watershed.

Even Tina on eastenders gets more Lads than me and shes a fuckin lesbian. But as their story line evolved, the couple began to impact British societal views regarding lesbians, even garnering support from previously homophobic viewers and EastEnders characters. Anyhow, I think it's because the sort of people who watch these shows more than, say, Torchwood and Lip Service and so on, are older and more culturally conservative people in general.

Inlesbian actress Pam St. Eventually — and not too surprisingly — Naomi and Sonia broke up. Soo is Tina straight or bi or is this the booze.

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Binnie and her girlfriend Della Alexander were the first lesbian couple to be featured in EastEnders.

The writers just fucking around with Tina's sexuality like it's normal and okay. Old people who watch coronation street. Milf busty anal. Binnie was an out and proud lesbianwhich was in stark contrast to her shy and retiring girlfriend. This causes Louise to release a load moan which alerts Stacey from downstairs.

This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Someone even did a topic on their show about "How would Mary Whitehouse react, if she were alive today" and your answer came up many times from the viewers who remember her. But last night's EastEnders chucked the rule book out of the window when Tina Carter, who is a lesbian, shared an intimate moment with Woody Woodward, played by former Blue singer, Lee Ryan. February 13th 36 shares. Say it was very very hot when the programme was watched.

Just watched bbceastenders why is Tina kissing Woody? From what I understand, one of the actors was half naked and the kiss was more than you would see in PG movie. Eastenders lesbian kiss. The last gay kiss that happened on our most popular soap, Eastenders, on Dec 30th received a grand total of Thankfully I think this is right, and so we don't have to pay too much attention to it Besides, here in the UK we've had many TV shows with a lot of different sexualities shown.

Languages Gaeilge Edit links. Hot nude women. Can't go giving them kiddies ideas now, hmm? Jun 6, Words: I think it would be unwise to try and assess why the number of recorded complaints has changed from 10 to I think most of it will just be elderly whining if anything.

TV lesbian kiss was hard work.

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Now I'm interested though, tell me, did people's heads explode in the UK when Torchwood had gay sex in it? That's the soap for older folks. Binnie arrived in Albert Square in June They continue to do this until they hear the front door open, Martin was back.

They are both bored so decide to play dares. The blonde, who locked lips with co-star Michelle Ryan Zoe on EastEnders on New Year's Eve, says the kiss means she is destined to stay single for the time being.

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