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Mass effect 2 lesbian

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Hi Amanda — thanks for stopping by Melodico! The citadel didn't pass Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Mass effect 2 lesbian

Dude is dying soon, so I have no idea if a night with him would be mopey and emotional or wild and passionate. Fat boobs tits. In mass effect their is 1 straight male, 1 straight female, and 1 bisexual feminized alien so only 1 option for girl on girl action, 1 option for guy on girl action, and 1 option for girl on guy action.

Mass Effect 1 was very balanced in this regard though it could be argued that they had 2 female romance options vs 1 male option and that would be true. Mass effect 2 lesbian. Sign In e-Edition Subscribe. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

Want to add to the discussion? I've never even played Femshep. I could probably write a 3, word essay on why I believe my Shep and Liara have one of the greatest love stories ever told, but I will spare you my feelings explosion. I just think it'd be cool for others. Never really thought of it that way, although for that reason never played any romances in ME.

Since the series' beginning, inthere have been 14 straight relationship options for male players, nine straight relationships for female characters, nine female-female relationships and just four male-male relationships. Lesbianism isn't a sex fetish. All over 30 nude women. Jacob can get it. But the ones between two men? I don't presume to know for certain the thought process behind why this aspect of Mass Effect 2 was crafted the way it was, but I do know that I found it incredibly disappointing and almost cowardly, in a way.

I think she would channel all that desire and try really hard to please me in bed. Answered Can you pursue a relationship with Kelly? Fancy that cute green alien? Twitter Tweets from https: S0ndor Follow Forum Posts: DanielJrNov 30, And I am excited. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. There would be some logistical challenges, due to Legion in fact being a synthetic A. I don't decide, it's like that, i feel that way.

The two issues are separate imo. They would not want to take any chances in offending homophobic fucks and lose sales. See, early on, I meant to just casually ask about his past relationship with Miranda, as I figured it might turn in to a problem later on that would distract him.

Geno Follow Forum Posts: Ramone Follow Forum Posts: Can't you be gay as a lady Shepard though?

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Was it that easy to pander to male fantasy and fetish than to a woman's? June 20th, 1 Comment.

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Most recent Mic Daily: I heard that it was because the man who gave his likeness to the default Sheperd opposed the idea of having his in game model be with another man. Brandi belle lesbian strapon. I guess you can technically play Shepard as a gay dude, but then you can't do it with anyone as no one else aboard the ship is gay. I definitely see the appeal there. Notify of new replies to this comment - on Notify of new replies to this comment - off.

Also check out our Andromeda FAQ. But I actually did love this character! Andromedain theory, should have been a home run.

Am I stereotyping because of the shaved head and bitchy attitude? Fucking the Illusive Man would be too confusing because I hated him so much, but always really wanted to trust him on account of his voice being President Bartlet. Never heard of a possible romance between him and Garrus or Jacob for example. I remember ME1 got a lot of negative media attention for that which is a shame. Mass Effect is their big heavy-seller, mass market game. Which DLC should I get? Also, the fact that there are homosexual relationships in Dragon Age 2 and your character is set as Hawke proves that Mass Effect could have went in this direction.

Now, it's granted that BioWare doesn't owe anyone anything except to produce a high-quality end product. Latina milf bikini. But now he is. Mass effect 2 lesbian. Can't you be gay as a lady Shepard though? Thank you for this well-written, interesting, and informative post! You do make your own choices, but those choices have been created from a set of decisions that have already been decided, I suppose. I find it hard to understand the rationale behind giving a player the option to have sex with a being of questionable gender and potential toxicity while completely ruling out another being of the main character's own persuasion.

I think it's highly unreasonable. This discrepancy seems to be yet another example of " the male gaze ," a term coined in by film scholar Laura Mulvey that describes the subtle ways our entertainment assumes its consumers are straight men — making the camera linger over a woman's nude breasts, for example. Skald Follow Forum Posts: Log In Sign Up.

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Lesbian girls in pool In a conversation during an outing with Michael and Franklin other two Protagonists at the same, time, he admits he's bisexual after Franklin asked him whether he's gay or not.
Katherine ryan tits Wonder how Fox News feels about it: Not so fast — experts need to figure out space surgery. I just think it'd be cool for others.
Naked girls whole body I remember ME1 got a lot of negative media attention for that which is a shame.
Perfect tits in public Elite Force is notable in this regard, as the Star Trek franchise has often been criticized for its treatment of gay and lesbian characters on TV. Notes optional; required for "Other": Dating sim , eroge.
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