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Jenna believes Lacey is trying to be better than […]. Big boobs tits juggs. Following the drama of the ski trip, Jenna decides it's best to spend her time focusing on her finals.

But everyone ends up getting fired when the group have a party. Jenna hamilton naked. Why was it so easy for him to say goodbye, when it was so difficult for me? Ming tries to hide from the Asian Mafia. She shares an antagonistic relationship with Sadie Saxtonwhich has never evolved.

Retrieved August 24, Jenna feels bad for Tamara's dis-engagement, while still confused about what Gabby said. A mock DUI event is held at the school, and Jenna gets cast as the victim. Tamara has been using her credit card like a […]. Jenna starts to get to know Jake, and Tamara starts to make some new friends.

We were doing the usual rounds of drunken kitchen hugs right before we made our exit, until I was finally face to face with Indian headdress boy. So Jenna has two options: This causes a weird conversation between Jake, Lissa, and Valerie about how he can make up to Lissa. Retrieved August 11, Jenna also finds out that Valerie replaced her with Tamara as her new "best friend", and Jake and Tamara's romance making her uncomfortable. Nude model art class. Lacey tries to recapture her missed youth.

She tries to enjoy a few moments alone in the bathroom while Matty's at football practice but he reveals that it was cancelled and she becomes really annoyed of this, however she accidentally farts during her rage.

Jenna-Ming Relationship Main article: Tamara and Ming find out, and Tamara struggles to keep it a secret. Matty asks Lacey if she's seen Jenna, she tells him that he has to let her go and let her move on.

Matty then shows up at Jenna's house to comfort her, where they confess their love for each other. Matty finally asks Jenna out to dinner. Later in the night, when Jake is at Jenna's house, he sees the condoms her dad gave her in which she reveals to him that she is not a virgin.

This doesn't start off well after Jake finds out that Tamara already knew about the affair and leaves her, making her upset and causing a delay in her and Ming getting to Jenna's party causing an argument over the phone, revealing Jenna's true colors and causing her to have no best friends.

So Liz and Lucy came to me at lunch and told me they had something important to tell me. Jenna believes Lacey is trying to be better than […] Share this: Archived from the original on September 25, Sadie receives a surprise visit from her mother who wishes to mend their relationship. Sadie and Eva's rivalry is taken to a new level. Collin told Jenna that their relationship wasn't exclusive, this made it clear that they are no longer together, but she managed to make everything right between her friends and family.

Hart's class, he orders an assignment of Heroes and Villians and the winner gets their essay on the school magazine.

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As Jenna prepares to spend her first V-day with a boyfriend, will jealousy rear its ugly head for her and Tamara as they confront the possibility that their ex's are moving on without them? Meanwhile, Jenna's mom gets revealed as the person who wrote the letter and gets criticized by many people.

Sadie and Tamara reluctantly bond over their anger at Ricky. Archived from the original on October 24, So a couple of months back just before Christmas actuallyI did something completely out of character for me.

Such as making out with a hottie. Young girl ass sex. Matty later asks the girl to stay away when she offers to take it upstairs, however Jenna didn't see it. In a surprise turn of events, everyone gathers at the Hamilton house for the party, but they are all in shock as Jenna and Collin walk in making out. Jenna hamilton naked. She tell her mother and takes a pregnancy test, but the test reveals that her pregnancy was negative, making her happy and relieved, but she decides not to tell Matty fearing he might break-up over it.

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Why is Tyler allowed to have a camera? You see, sometimes it good to do something out of character. Jenna-Collin Relationship Main article: Posted 5 years ago via queerone. Taking Sides Matty wants to rekindle with Jenna Jenna seems fine after three weeks. Despite everything that's going on, Jenna is determined to have a dream prom, regardless of the many obsticals she faces along the way.

Tamara goes to the Base, but a less drunken Gabby is revealed to be in the back of Tamara's car. Nude mom party. Archived from the original on September 25, Matty spends more time with his biological father Daniel and as they are bonding his father plants doubts in his mind about his relationship with Gabby. Also, Jenna and Tamara learn whether or not they have been accepted into the same college.

So she goes alone. Tamara sets a wedding date for her and Adam while Jenna misses the chemistry she shared earlier with Brian. So Jenna has two options:. By the end of the day, just before Jenna truly turns 16, Matty knocks on her door and tells her that he wants to be more than friends.

When the homecoming bonfire comes Jenna wants to DTR Define the relationship with Matty before the bonfire where everyone hooks up. Best Friends Forever Main article: Which is terribly, might I add.

Jenna decides throws a party to try to impress Matty with her mom and Ally's help. They basically informed me that on Monday night, Dory got incredibly wankered in McDonalds with some of her school friends.

Jenna gets confused on who she likes more but does not pick on the spot.

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Tamara and Jenna become convinced that Sadie wrote the care-frontation letter and go up to Sadie's bedroom, where they find Sadie's dietary diary, which they take and Tamara tries to convince Jenna to blackmail Sadie with her secrets.

Everyone gathers to re-tell what happened at Jenna's birthday party and to speculate whether or not Jenna and Matty are still a couple. Hart to print a cruel article on a magazine about Valerie. Jenna decides that she deserves more, and goes to Formal with Jake. Escort mature toronto. Naked wife bucket Retrieved August 10, Jenna sends Matty a text asking him if he wants to get pizza with her, but he replies that he is with friends. Jenna hamilton naked. It's Jenna's 16th birthday and Valerie surprises her with a birthday rap in the school cafeteria.

Jake later approaches her and says that if the guy she liked didn't have a girlfriend he would be all over her. But she can be vulnerable, a little selfish with what she wants and placed in very awkward situations, however as of now she has started to grow up and take control with her life, making her even more mature since the series started. Tamara finally apologizes to Adam but as she returns the ring, Adam still rejects her. The gang heads to a concert.

Matty walks out there but she already got out of the car. In a moment of selflessness, Jenna gets Bailey and Matty to go to prom together, despite her still longing for Matty. Facebook Twitter Google Email.

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