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Revenue is derived from traffic. Where does it say New York City? Obviously, I will concede that if Fordham were outside of NY, it would not be that great of a school…but then again, if NYU was not in Manhattan, it would also be a shitty school. Nude girls in beach pics. BigLaw recruiters take note! May 16, at 4: You are now free to go back to knowing nothing. Laura leigh nude pics. This just reinforces what I already believed: May 16, at Oh wait, that is what you are doing now.

I find it unlikely you just happened upon the site today. You people are seriously overestimating the influence of ATL.

Laura leigh nude pics

Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence. Attractive, young women in law have enough trouble with men taking them seriously and with clients and partners trying to get into their pants—having nude photos out there would just exacerbate those problems.

These types of arguments are what second-class lawyers make and all they do is temporarily, and sometimes permanently, muddy the issue for other second-class intellects before the truth is accepted.

Managing Editor David Lat. You have to be kidding, Lat. Still, it was bad taste to run this story, and you know it. How can you justify the Detroit mayor still denying perjury when there is a mountain of text messages staring him in the face?

In response, ATL basically rescued this girl from a life of poverty and we should be proud of ourselves. Nude women exercising. The answer to your question should be pretty clear. That way people would never find out about anything.

Lat, this was a pathetic attempt to purge your own guilt. For those calling Fordham TTT, I hope you enjoy your miserable lives — obviously the only validation or acceptance you have ever received came from your grades — good luck in the BIGLAW world — from experience I know many of you will be incompetent quite a number from UPENN, most will lack any practical skill other than to point to your IVY degree, many of you will lack social skills, will marry a homely mate, become equally bored and unsatsfied with your lives whether as in house counsel in some bank or 9th year associate nervously looking over your shoulder because you just dont have it in you to be a rainmaker, and fortunately most will be miserable in whatever you pursue because you got where you are by burying your head in a book and taking as little risks as possible to protect any sense of self esteem you have.

Second, even if she always intended to back out, she told TONY and its readers she would. For those who are more conservative in terms of risk and want to assure themselves of a better chance at biglaw paythe odds are just better at Cornell than Fordham.

However, its pretty darn good. Stop feeling so smug and appreciate your good fortune. Hit the button one time people. I would say that this more than qualifies.

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May 18, at 3: The girl is What often sets attorneys apart is judgment. Recent Jobs Executive Director Location: Sometimes for the worse. Aruna irani naked photo. Laura chose the first option, and there is nothing wrong with that. There are no nude photos of myself, online or elsewhere, nor did I ever intend for there to be.

The fact that you keep repeating that the mantra that the profession is stuffy, conservative, and the like, shows quite clearly that you know that something as innocent as this would be manipulated to reflect poorly against her, and eventually used against her.

Too young to have the proper perspective.

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But the arrogance and stupidity of how the firms hire and recruit is so ass-backwards. Lat, Kash, Sharon and other guest bloggers. The Perspective Of Important Partners. Freedom is the order of the day. Look, no one likes their school being knocked, but it is the 4th choice of those who want to stay in New York state, it is the 3rd choice of people who really feel they need to go to New York City.

May 16, at 5: It is up to us to decide how to explain those decisions. Laura leigh nude pics. If you google her name now you find ATL, not Timeout. Jamie huge tits. May 17, at 8: Shame on you, 9: This discussion has seriously gone down hill.

You're entering the final few weeks of bar exam prep, are you ready? But based on biglaw pay alone, you will have a much better chance of making it coming out of Cornell, even though Fordham is more than respectable in its placement in NYC biglaw. This comment-posting problem must be addressed and remedied. Laura went to Fordham undergrad, which is very jesuit priests as professors, crosses, chapels, etc. July 4th is right around the corner and you are about to enter the final few weeks of bar exam preparation.

Laura Reifinger did nothing wrong by entering herself in the contest. You must have really hated UVA as an undergrad to turn it down for Fordham at full tuition. This makes a big difference in the kinds of programs that a school can offer, and both Cornell and Penn beat Fordham in terms of what they can offer academically. Fordham but that difference aint great thats the point. May 16, at 6:

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Rachel miner naked I find it unlikely you just happened upon the site today. If you constantly visit, much less read and comment on such stories, you are giving life to the very monster you so eloquently lambaste.
HOT GIRL FUCKED HARD Why make it harder for yourself? Oh wait, that is what you are doing now.
Naked women on facebook Lat has nothing to feel guilty about.

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I have not yet walked through a bar without having my ass grabbed or getting winked at by various men. These wonderful people were delighted to tell their stories and more than happy to help spread the word on the nudist life style.

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